Ludwig Wittgenstein's Last Words

Ludwig Wittgenstein's Last Words is a typographic work of art that was created for a group exhibition at Lorimoto Gallery The piece is a collaboration between Allie Rex and myself and it recieved a certificate of typogrpahic excellence from the Type Director's Club. The title of the piece is also its most literal description. Ludwig Wittgenstein's last words—carved into, and falling from, a single, unbroken piece of painted mylar. Wittgenstein once said, “Language is a part of our organism and no less complicated than it.” His philosophical writings blur the line between language and existence. This belief imbued his own final words with a particular weight. As he fell from being so to his words fall from the mylar. The bronze and pink palette reference the inside and outside of flesh. A portrait of the end of someone's language. Side note: Allie and I are married and at the time that we made this piece we had been together for 19 years. In all that time of working on our own projects side-by-side we never collaborated on a project until this one.