I love directing the design of learning-focused products and services because I believe growth is common to everyone’s highest purpose. That belief is the core of my approach to leading teams, framing problems, and shaping solutions.

I’m the art director of two imprints for Scholastic’s education division. One imprint publishes books by thought leaders in literacy instruction. The other imprint publishes products and services that strengthen the bond between schools and families. After hours I manage an art-historical type foundry, and select freelance projects.

I earned undergraduate and graduate degrees from MICA. I’m also a graduate of Milton Glaser’s summer program and AIGA’s Business Perspectives for Creative Leaders program at the Yale School of Management. My work has won awards from the Society of Illustrators, American Illustration, and Print Magazine.

I live and work in New York City and I’m always happy to talk shop—especially over coffee or lunch. Please feel free to say hello via email or Twitter.

—Brian LaRossa

“Working on a cover design and interior design of a book requires that the designer be part mind-reader and part creative genius. Brian embodies both. Each time we said, “No, this isn’t quite it,” but couldn’t put into words what the “it” was, Brian defined what we could not articulate. As he handed the ideas to a member of his team, we saw seamless work between the two of them as images and words, as shape and content, merged into what you hold now.”

—Acknowledgments, Disrupting Thinking, by Kylene Beers and Bob Probst